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What Our Clients Say

Our biggest clients


Managing Director Deepam Silks International

“It’s a very informative and helpful magazine for the visitors. It’s a magazine that gives information about various services, we are happy to be advertising in it. Congratulations for completing 10 years.

Paresh Lamba

Designer Paresh Lamba Signatures

“It’s a good magazine, very apt for a city like Bangalore. Informing the visitors and locals about travel, shopping and city hubs, it’s like a constant companion and is also very handy. Wishing them all the best for completing 10 years and hopefully more.”m

Ashok Sadhwani

Sadhwani Group

“I think the magazine is a good step, as due to technology and digital media the essence is lost. It’s a beautiful magazine that covers all aspects of Bangalore and they are doing a good job.”

Uzma Irfan

Director Prestige Group & Founder - Sublime

“Over the last decade, Bangalore has grown rapidly. With a spike in opportunities, people from across the country, and abroad, have migrated to this city. The multi-cultural population, along with increasing disposable incomes, has made Bangalore a hub for luxury, arts and culture, technology and business, among others. Over the years, Travel & Shop has continued to keep pace with Bangalore's overwhelming growth – looking into every nook and corner and identifying the city's best places to eat, shop, party and stay. It has been a pleasure to be associated with a magazine that is integral to everything the city stands for today. I wish Travel & Shop a happy tenth anniversary!

Shakeel Ahmed

Director Y&O

“We are clients of Travel & Shop having been associated with them since long. Initially, we started with one of our brands Reid & Taylor. Today, the tabloid features Manyavar, Mohey and lately Via Monte Milano. We would like to take this opportunity to mention what a thoroughly outstanding job that they did for us in planning and promoting our brands. These were the complete professionals in their handling of our advertisements. The tabloid covers updated events, Traveller section for the discerning traveller, Stay, Eat, Party, Shop, Health, Entertain and Getaways sections, thus making it a complete reference magazine for the traveller and shopper. We would also like to give extra kudos for the well published tabloid, which has seen marked improvement over the years of their publication. The printing is extraordinary and the advertisers are well chosen among the selective brands available. Distribution likewise is exemplary reaching out to all segments and that helps us in reference to the buying clientele. The Edit on current topics is a main feature to read. They are an amazing team. To us they are the meaning behind growth of a brand. We greatly appreciate and thank the publishing team for their sharp eye to cater to the happenings in the city.”

Mayank Rohatgi

Jevar Jewellers

“Travel & Shop has been in the market since the last 10 years and the magazine has been regularly serving both the customer and the consumer. Many magazines have come and gone but they did not manage to sustain the quality or regularity. The information provided in Travel & Shop and the write-ups are all well-written and very helpful for the customers.”

S Inayath Shah

Addl General Manager Central Cottage Industries Emporium

“Travel & Shop is one of the leading infotainment booklets of Bengaluru City. With their thoughtful publications every fortnight, they have been helping not only international and national guests to our city to find their right destination points, but even locals residing in the city since years are finding the inputs provided in the booklet very helpful. We at Central Cottage Industries Emporium are proud and happy to be associated with this publication and always look forward to our advertorials in the same. On many instances our guests ask for this booklet in particular as it helps them in locating their proper shopping/entertainment destinations. We congratulate them on the occasion of their Tenth Anniversary and look forward to many more juicy issues of their publication. We also cherish our association with them and look ahead to continuing the same for a long time to come.”

Dr Richa Singh

Physiotherapy Exponent

“Travel & Shop has helped me to create awareness about physiotherapy, with regular monthly publication on different topics related to physiotherapy. It has helped me a lot to get my practice better. This magazine is amazingly helpful for the people who are new to the city to know each and everything about the city. Whatever people know about the city is available in the magazine. This is the best aspect of the magazine. I am extremely thankful to the team of Travel & Shop.”

Nirmala Balakrishna

Director Skyye Lounge

“Travel and Shop has been an essential guide for every visitor to Bangalore and over the years with its vast coverage of matters of interest, even the locals reach out for it to know the latest happenings and places of interest within the city. Our establishments have also greatly benefitted with its reach and we would like to congratulate team Travel and Shop for completion of a successful decade and wish them many more…”

Naveen Pishe

Partner PN RAO

“Congratulations on the Travel & Shop magazine turning 10. It’s been a long association with Ravi and I have known him before he happened to branch out on his own to start Travel & Shop. Ravi’s hard work and persistence paid off as initially I was apprehensive to start advertising with Travel & Shop, but when he met me and shared his plans I was happy to get on board. Ravi kept it simple and did not try to do too much and that’s where his strength lies and that’s where the beauty of the magazine is. He has a wonderful relationship based personality which has endured him many a friend. It was a happy 10 year association for us at PN Rao. Once again I congratulate the Travel & Shop magazine in completing 10 successful years and wish the team many more wonderful years ahead.” – Naveen Pishe

Ritu Todi

Proprietor Cane Boutique

“We were one of the first few to advertise. The magazine is very well networked, and is distributed all over the city which gave us good exposure. We have not seen such an informative and creative magazine. It helps the locals and visitors, to know the city better. Thumbs up on completion of 10 years and it has been working well for us being associated with Travel & Shop. All the best for the future.”

N Mohan Reddy

Chairman and Managing Director Nagarjuna Group of Restaurants

“Our association with Travel & Shop team goes as far as 10 years now and we are very proud to be a part of this remarkable journey. They have been very responsive and dynamic in understanding the changing needs and tastes of Bangaloreans from time to time and depict the same through their work. They have very detailed suggestions for travellers and first time visitors helping them understand the essence of Bangalore from local minds. Great fraternity, very courteous and supportive. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary milestone and wish you good luck for many more to come.”

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